About Gerry

After all my piano lessons since age five…
After all the Masses I’ve played for since age 12…
After all the vocal training from glee clubs, the conservatory, and different mentors…
After all the choirs I’ve directed through the years…
After all the concerts, performances, recitals, recordings and other musical events…

What now?

Everything happens for a reason. And who I am now is shaped by all those events that transpired during my musical journey.

From my piano lessons and recitals at a very young age, I learned confidence.
From the trust given to me by my piano teacher who taught me to play during Mass, I learned the value of empowering the student.
From the various trainings by different mentors, I learned technique, discipline and dedication to my craft.
From all the choirs I directed, I learned that each individual is unique. But put them together, we can create a masterpiece.
From all the concerts, musical events and other performances, I learned that music best expresses who I am and what is deep within me.

I am very fortunate to have received this gift of music from God. Above all, I feel truly blessed to have music as both my career and passion.

As an instructor, I see every student as unique and gifted. I look for this special spot in them, which then I tap, uncover, nourish and then nurture until they start to shine. When that special moment comes, this beacon of light coming from them inspires other students to discover their own little light within themselves.

As a pianist and vocalist, I treat every musical event as an opportunity to express this gift — to inspire and to move people. I try to make each event personal, meaningful and more special with my music so that everyone who hears it can see through the essence of the special occasion being celebrated.

All these said, I will forever be grateful to God for this gift. As a recipient of this gift, all I want to do is to take in all my experiences, encounters and opportunities and use them to make me a better person, musician and bearer of this gift. Ultimately, I hope to be what I feel God intended me to be — a maestro here on earth who keeps all His other musical instruments in tune so that, together, we can create a masterpiece called “God’s Love and Goodness,” resonating through everyone’s hearts.

To God be the Glory!